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Chicago Med
#201 : Soul Care


Résumé : Le Dr Rhodes commence son internat en chirurgie cardiothoracique, mair part du mauvais pied avec son nouveau patroon, le Dr Latham (guest star Ato Essandoh). Le Dr Choi commence son service en tant que nouveau résident en chef et fait face à quelques difficultés. Le DrCharles approche Sarah Reese avec une opportunité intéressante qui attire son attention. L'infirmière April Sexton apprend à faire face à la découverte récente de sa maladie pendant que le Dr Manning traite une patiente enceinte ayant eu un grave accident de voiture.

Pendant ce temps, le Dr Halstead n'accroche pas avec le nouvel étudiant en médecine, Jeff Clarke, dont le passé commun avec le Dr Manning pourrait être la cause. Sharon Goodwin essaye de se reconstruire et de faire face au départ de son mari Bert. 


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Soul Care

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Soul Care

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Scénario : Diane Frolov & Andrew Schneider

Réalisateur : Arthur W. Forney

Guests : Jeff Hephner (étudiant Jeff Clarke), Ato Essandoh ( Dr Latham)


Natalie Manning: Chicago Med, we're inbound with a 24-year-old female, Cheryl Martin, high-speed collision on Route 30, T-boned on the passenger side. 34 weeks pregnant, chest and belly pain. Heart rate 124, BP 102 over 80.


Maggie Lockwood: Got it. We'll be waiting. Dr. Halstead?

Will Halstead: Maggie?

Maggie Lockwood: Incoming helo, ten minutes out.


Sarah Reese: Double cappuccino.


Daniel Charles: What are you doing with my phone?

Anna Charles: I'm posting this.


Ray: My little girl... Please...


Maggie Lockwood: Baghdad.

Natalie Manning: Page OB.

Maggie Lockwood: Got it.

Will Halstead: Maggie.

Maggie Lockwood: Yep.

Cheryl: Dad?

Ray: I'm here, honey.

Jeff Clarke: You need an assistant?

Natalie Manning: Sure.

Paramedic: Coming through.

Natalie Manning: Need x-rays, chest and pelvis.

Maggie Lockwood: Got it. Sir, what is your name?

Ray: Ray.

Maggie Lockwood: Why don't you come with me and let the doctors do their work, okay? This way.

Cheryl: Dad, Dad, please.

Maggie Lockwood: Stay right here. He'll be right here, sweetie.


Will Halstead: On my count, one, two, three.

Natalie Manning: I need the ultrasound.

Jeff Clarke: Should I start a femoral line?

Will Halstead: I'll do that.

Nurse: Okay, get a triple...

Will Halstead: Excuse me. Lungs are wet. Belly's soft but tender. Get a CBC, type and screen, KB and coags. If she's RH negative, give RhoGAM.

Natalie Manning: Got good heart tones and fetal movement. Baby and placenta look okay.

Will Halstead: I'm in. Clear! Natalie.

Natalie Manning: Left hemothorax. She's bleeding.

Will Halstead: Put in a chest tube and give her back all the blood you get out.

Natalie Manning: We're going to put a tube in your chest, okay?

Cheryl: My baby?

Natalie Manning: Won't hurt the baby. Betadyne, Lidocaine.

Jeff Clarke: I got it.

Natalie Manning: I'm in.

Will Halstead: Secure the tube and let's get her over to CT.

Natalie Manning: We're taking your daughter up for a CAT scan; you can come.

Ray: Okay.


Isidore Latham: Dr. Rhodes. Welcome to CT surgery.

Connor Rhodes: Dr. Latham, thank you.

Isidore Latham: I'll be supervising your fellowship.

Connor Rhodes: I look forward to it.

Isidore Latham: Dr. Downey thought very highly of you. I'm curious. There are rumours. Did you kill him?

Connor Rhodes: I'm sorry?

Isidore Latham: Did you?

Connor Rhodes: Well, yes, I killed him and several other patients as well.

Isidore Latham: You're being sarcastic.

Connor Rhodes: Yes, Dr. Latham. I am being sarcastic.

Isidore Latham: I can see why you might have found that inappropriate… Oh, I should tell you... You weren't my first choice for this fellowship. I preferred a young woman from Groote Schuur, but I was out-voted. Hmm. Such is life. That being said, I hope we will work well together.


Will Halstead: Sputum test was negative. Chest is clear. Night sweats?

April Sexton: No.

Will Halstead: Good. TB's still latent.

April Sexton: For now.

Will Halstead: No reason it shouldn't stay that way. Anything I need to know?

April Sexton: I worry about Tate and his son.

Will Halstead: They've been tested, April, They're negative. And you're not contagious.

April Sexton: I know, I know, but...

Will Halstead: What?

April Sexton: I just don't feel... Clean.


Sharon Goodwin: New residents settling in?

Maggie Lockwood: Yeah. Now I just got to keep 'em from killing people.

Sharon Goodwin: July 1st is not a good day to need a hospital.

Maggie Lockwood: And how are you doing?

Sharon Goodwin: Cleaned out Bert's desk this morning. Thought it would make me feel better. It didn't.

Maggie Lockwood: Mm.

Ethan Choi: Good morning.

Sharon Goodwin: Dr. Choi.

Maggie Lockwood: Our new Chief Resident will need this. E.D. staff contact list.

Ethan Choi: Thank you.

Maggie Lockwood: Oh, and one more thing. I know I got the Chief Resident's gavel here somewhere.

Ethan Choi: Funny. By the way, Maggie, I've got some ideas to improve patient flow.

Maggie Lockwood: Oh. Can't wait to hear about them.

Ethan Choi: I hate killing their dreams.

Sharon Goodwin: No, you like to let them hang themselves.


Ethan Choi: Morning.

Will Halstead: Hey. Here are my scheduling sheets. Last Chief Res gave them to me.

Ethan Choi: Thanks, but I've got my own system. How we ran sick bay on the carrier.

Noah Sexton: Hey, Dr. Choi, I'm taking off. I texted you I'm switching shifts with Elise Baker.

Ethan Choi: Right, yeah.

Noah Sexton: And she also... She called. She said she's going to be a little late. She has to take her kid in for shots.

Ethan Choi: No problem, thanks.

Will Halstead: Sure you don't want these sheets?

Ethan Choi: No, I got it.

Maggie Lockwood: Dr. Choi, we need you.


Maggie Lockwood: Chout, talk to me.

Chout: Emmie Miles, 15-year-old girl. Found unconscious, suspected opioid overdose. She appeared to have smoked a Fentanyl patch.

Maggie Lockwood: Okay, we're going to treatment...

Ethan Choi: Six. I got it, Maggie.

April Sexton: All right.

Ethan Choi: You give her NARCAN?

Chout: Five times. She responded in the ambo. Just slid back into overdose.

Treatment 6

Ethan Choi: All right, let's move her. On my count. Ready? One, two, three. April, let's give her another two milligrams NARCAN and hang a drip.

April Sexton: Got it.

Ethan Choi: Bring her down slowly, don't want to precipitate withdrawal. Chout, Fentanyl patch. This girl try to kill herself?

Chout: No idea, Doc.


Sarah Reese: Grande quad half-caf nonfat no whip mocha.

Daniel Charles: Not half-caf. Three shots regular, one shot decaf.

Sarah Reese: Okay. So what happened to your knee?

Daniel Charles: I'm embarrassed to say, I tripped over a suitcase. Missed my conference in Lyon. At least I got to practice French with an orthopedic nurse from Montreal. So, Dr. Reese, the reason why I'm here, uh, aside from the coffee, of course, is that Med has a residency opening for you.

Sarah Reese: I'll take it.

Daniel Charles: On my service.

Sarah Reese: Psychiatry?

Man: Enough foam, enough foam.

Sarah Reese: Okay. Um... Dr. Charles, thank you, but I've never considered psychiatry. I don't think I'm equipped.

Daniel Charles: I think you have all the tools. You're a problem solver. You pay attention. And look at how beautiful you're making my coffee despite all my meddling.

Sarah Reese: But... I don't know how to talk to people.

Daniel Charles: It's actually more about listening than talking.

Sarah Reese: Grande quad 3/4-caf nonfat no whip mocha.

Daniel Charles: I tell you what. How about you come and spend the day with me, and then see what you think.


Connor Rhodes: She has a contained rupture of the aorta. A pseudoaneurysm.

Natalie Manning: That's how we read it.

Connor Rhodes: It's leaking. Let's get her up to the cath lab, fix it.

Natalie Manning: Cheryl's 34 weeks pregnant. Wouldn't that irradiate the baby?

Connor Rhodes: Well, it's not ideal, but it's very little radiation.

Will Halstead: What about surgery?

Connor Rhodes: That's the other option.

Natalie Manning: We'd have to put her on bypass. We can't protect the baby's heart rate.

Connor Rhodes: So let's give her a c-section. Take the baby out of the equation.

Natalie Manning: No. She could still carry this baby to term.

Connor Rhodes: Natalie, you are very concerned about the baby, but what about the mother? She is lying there with an aortic injury.


Ray: Honey.

Cheryl: Dad.

Will Halstead: Your daughter has some damage to her aorta. It's what we call a pseudoaneurysm. And it caused a leak in the vessel wall.

Natalie Manning: Sometimes a leak like this will stop on its own. If that's the case, then Cheryl will be able to carry the baby to term. So at this point, we're just going to wait and watch.

Connor Rhodes: We're going to take her up to the ICU where we can keep a close eye on her.

Ray: Whatever you think is best. Oh, my chest. Oh!

Will Halstead: Mr. Buckner?

Cheryl: Daddy!

Connor Rhodes: He's having an M.I.

Cheryl: Dad?

Ray: Oh, oh.

Cheryl: Daddy, what's happening?

Connor Rhodes: No pulse. Code blue! Radiology hallway! We need a crash cart.

Nurse: Yes, Doctor.

Cheryl: Daddy!

Natalie Manning: We're going to take care of him; just lie still. Just stay here.

Connor Rhodes: Nat, get a quick look.

Natalie Manning: He's in v-fib. Charge to 200. Hold compressions. Clear!

Will Halstead: Clear.

Natalie Manning: Still in v-fib. Clear!

Will Halstead: Clear.

Cheryl: Daddy.

Will Halstead: Sinus rhythm.

Connor Rhodes: We got a pulse.

Natalie Manning: He's back.

Connor Rhodes: Let's get him up to the cath lab now. On my count. One, two three.

Cheryl: Daddy. Daddy! Daddy!

Connor Rhodes: All right, let's go.

Natalie Manning: Huge ST changes.

Will Halstead: Yeah, it's a bad one.


Daniel Charles: Morning, Dr. Choi.

Ethan Choi: Morning.

Daniel Charles: This your Fentanyl OD?

Ethan Choi: Yes. Sarah, are you back?

Daniel Charles: I've invited Dr. Reese to become a psych resident.

Ethan Choi: That's great.

Sarah Reese: You think so?

Ethan Choi: Absolutely. I'm a great believer in psychiatry.

Daniel Charles: Huh, interesting.

Ethan Choi: Dr. Charles, this is the patient's mother, Mrs. Miles.

Daniel Charles: Nice to meet you, Mrs. Miles. This is my colleague, Dr. Reese.

Mrs. Miles: I don't understand this. Emmie doesn't use drugs.

Daniel Charles: A Fentanyl patch is a very high dose of a very strong opioid. This is a difficult question, but I have to ask it. Do you think there's any chance that your daughter could have been trying to take her own life?

Mrs. Miles: No, absolutely not. She's very popular. She has hundreds of friends. She has no reason to kill herself.

Daniel Charles: Do you have any idea how she might have gotten hold of the patch?

Mrs. Miles: My mother has cancer. She's prescribed Fentanyl patches for pain. I suppose she could...

Daniel Charles: Would you mind if we talk with her for a bit?

Mrs. Miles: Please. Go ahead.

Daniel Charles: Thank you.

Treatment 6

Mrs. Miles: Honey, I'll be back in a couple of minutes, hmm?

Daniel Charles: Hi, Emmie, how are you feeling? I'm Dr. Charles.

Sarah Reese: And I'm Dr. Reese.

Daniel Charles: Can you tell us what happened today?

Emmie Miles: Leave me alone.

Daniel Charles: We're concerned about you, Emmie. And we need to understand what happened so that we can take care of you.

Sarah Reese: We just want to help.

Daniel Charles: You know what? Why don't we come back later. And maybe you'll feel like talking then.


Daniel Charles: You know who the most unhappy people in the world are?

Sarah Reese: Hmm?

Daniel Charles: 15-year-old girls.

Sarah Reese: I remember.

Daniel Charles: Mom said Emmie had hundreds of friends. Hyperbole?

Sarah Reese: Maybe not. She could have hundreds of friends.

Daniel Charles: Oh, like that.

Sarah Reese: Girls her age share everything. They judge everything. Maybe Emmie was shamed, and that led to a suicide attempt.

Daniel Charles: Let me know what you find.

Sarah Reese: Mm-hmm.


Nurse: Nice bunch of newbies. Maybe even the Ice Princess will finally find somebody.

Maggie Lockwood: The "Ice Princess"?

Nurse: Yeah, Dr. Manning, who else?

Natalie Manning: Just a princess? Why not the Ice Queen?

Nurse: It was a joke… It was a joke.


Sharon Goodwin: Dr. Halstead.

Meeting room

Sharon Goodwin: HR informed me that you still haven't supplied them with current malpractice insurance.

Will Halstead: Well, I'm trying to find a carrier that will write me a policy.

Sharon Goodwin: I'm guessing that's because of the lawsuit.

Will Halstead: Doesn't make sense. The suit was dropped.

Sharon Goodwin: But to an insurance company, you still look like a bad risk. Attending physicians must provide their own malpractice insurance. Now, the hospital could give you a grace period of two weeks, but after that...

Will Halstead: I understand.

Sharon Goodwin: Look, I know you and I have had our ups and downs, but I don't want to lose you. So I'll make a few calls.

Will Halstead: Thank you.

Sharon Goodwin: You may not want to thank me. I guarantee, your insurance will not come cheap.


Maggie Lockwood: Courtney?

Paramedic: 33-year-old male, peds versus auto, GCS 15. Bruising to the right orbit, no loss of consciousness.

Maggie Lockwood: All right, wait a second. Dr. Choi.

Ethan Choi: Got a GSW in Baghdad. Where's Baker?

Maggie Lockwood: Took her kid in for shots, remember?

Jeff Clarke: I'll take it.

Maggie Lockwood: What room, Dr. Choi?

Ethan Choi: Trauma 3.

Maggie Lockwood: You heard your Chief Resident. Let's go.

April Sexton: It's... It's occupied.

Maggie Lockwood: Dr. Choi… Go to Trauma 2. Rotate.

Trauma 2

Paramedic: Patient told me he's HIV positive.

Greg Allen: That's right, be careful.

Jeff Clarke: No problem. On my count. One, two, three.

Maggie Lockwood: Get out.

Jeff Clarke: Can you tell me your name, sir?

Greg Allen: Greg Allen.

Jeff Clarke: Can you tell me how this happened?

Greg Allen: Crossing the street. Wasn't looking. Will somebody please call my wife? The number's in my wallet.

April Sexton: I will.

Jeff Clarke: Lungs are clear.

Will Halstead: I'll take it from here.

Jeff Clarke: I got it.

Will Halstead: I'll take it. Thank you.

Greg Allen: I'm HIV positive.

Will Halstead: Okay. Follow my finger.


Connor Rhodes: All right, retractor's in. Looks good.

Isidore Latham: Let's harvest. Check the LIMA pulse.

Connor Rhodes: The LIMA looks small. How about the saphenous vein?

Isidore Latham: No. The left internal mammary artery is always the first and best option.

Connor Rhodes: I understand. It's just... Dr. Downey preferred the saphenous vein to a small LIMA.

Isidore Latham: LIMA pulse is good. Let's start freeing it up.

Connor Rhodes: If you're sure.

Isidore Latham: Ben Zona! Al ta'atzben otti! I know what I'm doing and I don't like to be contradicted by a fellow while I am operating! Give me the Bovie.


Sarah Reese: And Emmie does have hundreds of friends. 623 to be exact. She's on a lot of social media platforms.

Daniel Charles: 623 friends? Yikes. Who do you invite to the birthday party?

Sarah Reese: Mm-hmm. She isn't always very nice to the other girls.

Daniel Charles: Not very nice?

Sarah Reese: She wasn't shamed. She's the shamer.

Daniel Charles: Interesting. Well, so what do you think?

Sarah Reese: Maybe... Emmie realized she really hurt someone, and she felt guilty.

Daniel Charles: Guilty enough to kill herself?

Sarah Reese: Hmm, I don't know.

Daniel Charles: You know what? We got to get Emmie to open up. Next time Mom takes a break, jump in there, give it another shot.

Sarah Reese: Uh, Dr. Charles, wait. Where are you going?

Daniel Charles: Well, I just thought Emmie might be more comfortable talking to a woman... And somebody her own age.

Sarah Reese: But I don't know what to say or what to ask.

Daniel Charles: I think that once you get in there, you'll discover that you do.


Jeff Clarke: Thank you. It's just... I hate standing around. I mean, I've had a lot of experience, and this guy won't let me do anything. I know he's your friend and I'm sure he's a really good doctor, but...

Natalie Manning: Mm-hmm.

Jeff Clarke: I don't know.

Natalie Manning: Jeff, can I... Can I ask you something?

Jeff Clarke: Yeah.

Natalie Manning: Do I seem like a... An ice princess?

Jeff Clarke: A what?

Natalie Manning: A nurse called me that today. Do I come across as rigid or uptight?

Jeff Clarke: Really? Come on. Do you remember back when the four of us were hanging out? You were the one who always kept the party going. Do you remember that one time we were at a Greek restaurant? There was a wedding party next to us, and they were breaking plates. So you got us to start breaking plates, and the next thing you know, you're standing on the table, and you were waving your arms and you were yelling, like, "Opa! Opa!" You were crazy.

Natalie Manning: Oh, my God, yes. You remember that? The bouzouki player wanted me to join the band.

Jeff Clarke: That's right. That was great.

Natalie Manning: Mm-hmm, yeah. Yeah, it really was.

Jeff Clarke: Mmm.


Tate Jenkins: See, I told you. Everything's gonna be okay.

April Sexton: I still have to be on antibiotics for another five months.

Tate Jenkins: Hey, we... We'll be all clear by New Year's. So, tonight, you're gonna come over. I'll cook dinner.

April Sexton: I'll see how I feel after work.

Tate Jenkins: Okay. All right… You're not contagious, honey.

April Sexton: Doesn't hurt to be careful.

Tate Jenkins: Okay.

Treatment 6

Sarah Reese: Hey. How are you feeling? Your, um, your blood pressure looks good. And your heart rate...

Emmie Miles: Are you a shrink?

Sarah Reese: Uh, no. I'm barely a doctor. I just graduated medical school… I was, uh, checking out your Instagram photos. And you look really beautiful. I always hate the way I look in photos.

Emmie Miles: Yeah. You need to take a lot.

Sarah Reese: You do?

Emmie Miles: I took about 100 to get that one.

Sarah Reese: Oh.

Emmie Miles: I have to look perfect or I won't send it. You've been reading my tweets too?

Sarah Reese: Mm-hmm.

Emmie Miles: You must think I'm a horrible person.

Sarah Reese: Why would I think that?

Emmie Miles: 'Cause of what I say about other girls.

Sarah Reese: No. No, I, um... I just think you're under a lot of pressure to be perfect.

Emmie Miles: Oh, God.

Sarah Reese: Emmie?

Emmie Miles: I'm not... I'm not perfect.

Sarah Reese: Emmie, nobody is.

Emmie Miles: You don't understand. Look. It's vitiligo. I Googled it. You can't cure it. It's gonna spread all over my body. Every... Everybody's gonna make fun of me. My life is ruined.

Sarah Reese: Emmie, did you try to kill yourself?

Emmie Miles: I don't know.

Sarah Reese: You don't know?

Emmie Miles: I just... I just wanted it all to go away.

Sarah Reese: I'm gonna take a skin scraping; is that okay?


Connor Rhodes: He extubated easily, and the graft is in. You were right about using the LIMA.

Isidore Latham: True, but he's hemolyzing. His urine output is marginal and pink.

Connor Rhodes: Neither's uncommon after being on pump. Nothing to suggest he won't make a full recovery.

Isidore Latham: There's also nothing to suggest he will.

Connor Rhodes: Dr. Latham… Um... I realize, like every doctor who teaches here, you have your own methods. But, I assume, if I have an opinion, you'd like to hear it.

Isidore Latham: Well, of course. Why?

Connor Rhodes: Well, it's just that you seemed very upset in the O.R.

Isidore Latham: Did I?

Connor Rhodes: Yes.

Isidore Latham: I'm not upset.

Trauma 2

Greg Allen: I can't see! Help me!

April Sexton: Mr. Allen?

Greg Allen: I can see out of my right eye.

April Sexton: Dr. Wheeler!

Greg Allen: I can't see out of my right eye!

Dr. Wheeler: The CT showed a hematoma.

Jeff Clarke: Check the intraocular pressure.

Greg Allen: Where's my wife?

April Sexton: She's on her way.

Dr. Wheeler: Pressure's high. He's got a retrobulbar hemorrhage.

Jeff Clarke: He needs a lateral canthotomy.

Dr. Wheeler: The patient is HIV positive.

Jeff Clarke: Now, or he'll lose the eye.

Greg Allen: Help me.

Jeff Clarke: Clamp.

April Sexton: Here.

Jeff Clarke: Surgical scissors.

April Sexton: Here.

Jeff Clarke: Your vision will return in a little while.

Greg Allen: Thank you. Thank you.


Will Halstead: Did Dr. Wheeler tell you to perform that procedure?

Jeff Clarke: It was an emergency. The patient could have gone blind in that eye.

Will Halstead: Then why didn't Dr. Wheeler perform it?

Jeff Clarke: You'll have to ask Dr. Wheeler.

Will Halstead: You're a medical student. You're not allowed to do an invasive procedure unless ordered to do so by a doctor.

Jeff Clarke: I've done a lateral canthotomy the third year on optho.

Will Halstead: You're not on optho. You're in the E.D., and there are rules. And unless you figure that out, you're gonna get yourself kicked out of here and med school. You understand?

Jeff Clarke: I hear you.

Ethan Choi: Do you want me to write him up?

Will Halstead: No… It's for his own good. I know what happens when you don't follow protocol… It's not personal.


Joey Thomas: Why didn't you tell me that you were coming back to Med?

Sarah Reese: I didn't know until this morning.

Joey Thomas: So you'll be back in the E.D.?

Sarah Reese: Uh, not exactly. Dr. Charles wants me to be a psych resident.

Joey Thomas: You?

Sarah Reese: Is that such a shock?

Joey Thomas: I just didn't realize that you had an interest in that.

Sarah Reese: I didn't. I don't. I... I don't know. What do you see?

Joey Thomas: I wish people wouldn't diagnose themselves. They always screw it up.

Sarah Reese: Hmm.

Joey Thomas: Your patient doesn't have vitiligo. She has tinea veriscolor.

Sarah Reese: A yeast infection?

Joey Thomas: Yeah.

Sarah Reese: That's wonderful.

Joey Thomas: You know, I'm gonna miss the smell of coffee on you.


Connor Rhodes: It's a little early to tell, but my initial assessment is that your father is doing well post-op.

Cheryl: Thank you.

Connor Rhodes: Mm-hmm.

Natalie Manning: Dr. Rhodes.

Connor Rhodes: Excuse us.


Connor Rhodes: You can see. The leak from her pseudoaneurysm is increasing.

Natalie Manning: I still think we should watch it.

Connor Rhodes: Natalie, if she goes into labour, it could rupture and kill her. We gotta take care of this now. We'll take Cheryl to the Hybrid Room. I'll shield the baby with a lead blanket and stent her. We'll have OB standing by. If anything goes wrong, they can perform an emergency c-section… Nat, we've got to deal with this.

Natalie Manning: I'll page OB.

Ray’s room

Isidore Latham: Doctor?

Will Halstead: I was with his daughter when he crashed. How is he?

Isidore Latham: Mr. Buckner is in and out of non-sustained v-tach. Heart rate spikes to 180.

Will Halstead: How long has it been going on?

Isidore Latham: 15 minutes. We've started an amiodarone infusion.

Will Halstead: Should suppress his arrhythmia.

Isidore Latham: Your lips to God's ear.


Connor Rhodes: Ready to cannulate.

Natalie Manning: Seeing decels on the fetal heart rate down to 110.

Connor Rhodes: In position to place the stent.

Dr. Lee: Dr. Manning's right. I don't like that tracing.

Connor Rhodes: Just a little bit longer.

Natalie Manning: Heart rate's down to 100. 96.

Dr. Lee: No time. The baby's in distress. We have to get her out now. Okay.

Natalie Manning: Last heart rate was 85.

Dr. Lee: Cut the cord. Dr. Manning… She's all yours, Dr. Rhodes.

Connor Rhodes: Okay, fluoro on. Let's go. I'm not hearing anything. How's the baby?

Natalie Manning: First APGAR 6 but already improving. How's mom?

Connor Rhodes: Hanging in there. Placing the stent now. And deploy. It's in. Well-seated.

Ray’s room

Will Halstead: His creatinine levels hit 2.5.

Isidore Latham: Is he responding to diuretics?

Nurse: No.

Isidore Latham: I'm not sure why his kidneys aren't working. Possibly post CPR and pump. Call renal, see what the nephrologists suggest.

Nurse: Yes, Dr. Latham.


Natalie Manning: Your little girl is doing just fine.

Cheryl: Oh, look at you. Oh, thank you.

Connor Rhodes: Cheryl. I'm afraid your father is not doing very well.

Cheryl: What do you mean?

Connor Rhodes: I'm gonna go check on him. I'll let you know.

Cheryl: Please take me to him.

Natalie Manning: Cheryl, you just had an emergency c-section.

Cheryl: Take me and my baby.

Natalie Manning: I can't do that.

Cheryl: Please. My dad.

Ray’s room

Will Halstead: Pressure's dropping. No pulse.

Isidore Latham: Call a code.

Connor Rhodes: Will, start compressions.

Will Halstead: Epi, one milligram.

Connor Rhodes: Charge to 200.

Voice: Code blue.

Connor Rhodes: All right, hold compressions. Clear.

Will Halstead: Clear.

Isidore Latham: Fine v-fib.

Connor Rhodes: 200 again.

Nurse: Charging 200.

Connor Rhodes: Hold. Clear.

Will Halstead: Clear.

Connor Rhodes: Let me do it.

Will Halstead: He's asystole. He's gone, Connor.

Connor Rhodes: Vasopressin 40. Now.

Isidore Latham: Dr. Rhodes, the patient is dead… Time of death, 15:20.

Will Halstead: Connor.

Cheryl: Daddy… Look… It's your granddaughter… Daddy? Oh, no.

Will Halstead: I've never seen anything like that.

Cheryl: Oh, no.

Isidore Latham: Baruch Dayan emet.


Daniel Charles: Dr. Reese, how's our patient?

Sarah Reese: I gave her ketoconazole cream. Her fungal infection should be gone in a week.

Daniel Charles: Excellent.

Sarah Reese: Mm-hmm… Dr. Charles, I've decided I will take that residency in psychiatry. I see now that by combining my clinical knowledge with psychology, maybe I really can help people.

Daniel Charles: I am so glad to hear that… You're not talking about Emmie though, are you?

Sarah Reese: Um...

Daniel Charles: Listen, you very skillfully treated a superficial skin infection. Unfortunately, neither of us have done anything to address the profound underlying psychological issues that she suffers from. I'm just saying, you know, our patient has a long way to go.

Sarah Reese: Oh. Yes.

Daniel Charles: Anybody ever tell you the etymology of the word "psychiatry"? The medical treatment of the soul. Isn't that marvellous? So, worry not, Dr. Reese. We all... All of us have a long way to go in healing our souls.


Kendra Perrington: Dr. Choi.

Ethan Choi: Yes?

Kendra Perrington: My patient waited 2 1/2 hours for a treatment room, but I understand Treatment 1 has been free all day.

Ethan Choi: Yeah.

Kendra Perrington: Wonderful. I'd sure like to know where Noah Sexton disappeared to.


Will Halstead: 35 grand a year.

Ethan Choi: Huh?

Will Halstead: What my malpractice is going to cost. And that's on top of my student loans, which now because I'm an attending, I have to start paying off. How's your "sick bay" system working?

Ethan Choi: I will take those scheduling sheets after all.

Will Halstead: You can have 'em. Well, you know, the thing I learned early on, the nurses, they run everything anyway.

Ethan Choi: Yeah.

Will Halstead: You know, I saw a dead man come back to life today. Makes all this other stuff seem kinda small.


April Sexton: Do you think she's on pre-exposure prophylaxis?

Will Halstead: Pretty standard with HIV. Why?

April Sexton: Doesn't look like he's afraid he'll infect her.

Will Halstead: Well, there's very little risk, April. Learn to deal with things, April. Life's not perfect… But it is pretty great.


Anna Charles: Hey, Dad.

Daniel Charles: Hi, sweetie.

Anna Charles: Let me check your phone. I want to see how many "likes" we got.

Daniel Charles: "Likes"?

Anna Charles: The selfie we took. 22. Hey, you know what we should do?

Daniel Charles: What?

Anna Charles: We should take one in front of Dylan's Candy Bar. That'll make everybody jealous.

Daniel Charles: Yeah, you know what we should do? We should go live in a cave with no electricity until you're about 35 years old. That's what we should do.

Anna Charles: Daddy.

Daniel Charles: What?

Outside the Med

Tate Jenkins: April.

April Sexton: Hey.

Tate Jenkins: So... So how are we feeling after work?

April Sexton: Good.

Tate Jenkins: Then dinner tonight? You... You like my raviolis, right?

April Sexton: I tolerate your ravioli… Are you sure you're okay with everything? Me, the whole package?

Tate Jenkins: Baby, I'm sure.

April Sexton: I'll make the garlic bread.

Tate Jenkins: Come on.


Natalie Manning: Oh. Mm. I got these.

Jeff Clarke: Thanks. I'll get 'em next time.

Natalie Manning: Okay.

Jeff Clarke: You know, I didn't expect to see you here.

Natalie Manning: My mother-in-law insisted on taking Owen for the night. She says I need a life. Ah.


Jeff Clarke: Ahem.

Natalie Manning: My car is, um, is over there.

Jeff Clarke: Okay, I'll walk you to it.

Natalie Manning: No, no. You don't have to do that.

Jeff Clarke: Okay. My apartment is just around the block anyway, so...

Natalie Manning: Okay. Well... Good night.

Jeff Clarke: You want to come by for a night cap?

Natalie Manning: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

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